A World Without Food Waste

March 2021

A World Without Food Waste

U.S. businesses, farms and consumers spend an estimated $218 billion a year growing, processing, transporting and disposing food that is never eaten. That equals 52 million tons of food waste sent to landfill annually, plus another 10 million tons that is discarded or left unharvested on farms. Meanwhile, over 50 million Americans struggle with hunger.

The Kroger Co. Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Foundation Innovation Fund helps fill the gap in philanthropic funding needed to support entrepreneurs and creative thinkers with solutions to improve food security and prevent food waste.

The Innovation Fund's second open call seeks to reshape the food system by supporting innovators who are elevating food to its highest use and disrupting the linear supply chain.

Read the Market Assessment to learn more about how The Kroger Co. Zero Hunger I Zero Waste Foundation (in collaboration with Village Capital) developed the challenge for this year's Innovation Fund.