April 28, 2020 in Entrepreneur Advice

Milestone Planning for Growth: Strategizing for the Next Few Months

Talking about scale during the COVID-19 era may seem a bit odd. Right now, startup founders around the world are facing serious challenges - adapting to meet new needs, or taking things day by day in survival mode.

But with the uncertainty, it can be helpful to focus your energy where it is needed most, especially as resources may become scarcer.

At Village Capital, we’re working to reinvent the traditional power dynamics between investors and entrepreneurs, backing the founders building solutions to the world’s most urgent problems. Our accelerator programs are focused on investment readiness and the path to scale. 

Our platform, Abaca, has brought our programs' milestone planning framework online - accessible to entrepreneurs, entrepreneur support organizations, and investors everywhere. Abaca helps entrepreneurs understand their company from an investors’ lens, and provides resources and a common language to get aligned.

In a topsy turvy fundraising climate, getting a better idea of your next milestone on your path to scale, forming a strategy on how to reach that milestone, and gaining access to relevant resources is actually more important than ever. 

In the video below you can learn more about:

  1. How to map your critical milestones to accomplish in the next three months
  2. How to present your milestone plan to investors
  3. How Abaca can help during and after the COVID-19 crisis


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