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May 31, 2020

Silence is Complicity: Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

We’re saddened and angered by the unconscionable killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery -- but even more so by the fact that these aren’t unique incidents. Systemic inequalities and racism are embedded in the very structures of our communities and our economies, here and around the world.

All of us in positions of privilege must speak up and must act. For so long, too many of us have falsely assumed that “not being racist” somehow makes us not complicit in perpetuating the very systems that oppress and destroy lives. 

At Village Capital, while addressing systemic bias is at the core of our mission, we know we too must do better, not only as individuals but also as an employer. The same systemic racism that has been amplified in recent weeks also shows itself in the daily ways that people of color, and particularly the Black community, are often locked out of our economy – prevented from getting a loan or securing an investment, a house, a promotion or job, or recently a federal PPP loan. 

We pledge and recommit to the difficult work of deepening our own understanding of racism and confronting bias within our own organization, through our work, and within the networks and partners with which we align ourselves. We are grateful to many of our colleagues both within and alongside our organization who continually call us to a higher standard.

Here are some organizations that we’re supporting and people that we’re listening to this week.

Organizations lifting up Black entrepreneurs:

People to follow:

Resources for anti-racism:

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