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March 18, 2020

Moving Finance Forward in 2020

We’ve seen real advancement in financial inclusion in the past few years, ushered in by mobile phones, an evolving regulatory environment, and a new generation of innovative fintech startups.

But the coronavirus pandemic has exposed cracks in our society that have left many people and businesses vulnerable and reeling from financial strain. Most traditional financial products that would act as a safety net in turbulent times, from credit lines to saving accounts, are focused on the needs of high-income people and large corporations.

We have a number of applications open for accelerators focused on financial health startups, as part of Finance Forward, our global coalition with MetLife Foundation and PayPal:

We are monitoring the global public health situation and will move our workshops to an interactive, online format for as long as is needed.

Finance Forward is a global coalition created with MetLife Foundation, PayPal, and local partners to support more than 100 early-stage entrepreneurs building tech-enabled solutions around financial health. Learn more about our Financial Health practice, and join our online network, Abaca, to become a part of our financial health ecosystem and match with fintech investors. 

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