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May 17, 2017

Leadership Evolution at Village Capital

As Village Capital continues to grow, I’m excited to share some updates on our leadership team.

We have two core activities at Village Capital: supporting entrepreneurs and making direct investments. Moving forward, we’re clarifying and formalizing these into two separate business units, led by Allie Burns and Victoria Fram, who are already doing an exceptional job leading these units day to day. My role will be much more focused on building what’s next.

Allie Burns, our current COO, will be taking over my day-to-day management of our entrepreneur programs, serving as the new Managing Director of Village Capital. Allie is supported by a strong team of vice presidents who have over ten years’ collective experience with our firm:

  • Daniel Hsu leads our strategic partnerships and new initiatives;
  • Brittney Riley leads our core work in the US;
  • Bidisha Bhattacharyya leads the development of new products as well as our emerging market work.

Meanwhile, my co-founder Victoria Fram will continue to lead and grow our investment activity as Managing Director of VilCap Investments. After closing at just under $18M last year, VilCap Investments has deployed approximately one third of our assets under management in 53 companies worldwide. We’re investing in about two new companies a month, and have 11 full or partial exits to date.

As for me, I’ll take on the role of President of Village Capital Group. I’ll be working proactively with our leadership team to develop new products, investment vehicles, and programs, and I’ll continue to advise our team on executing our current work to excellence.

After supporting 700 alumni through our programs, and working deeply with 26 partners worldwide through VilCap Communities, we are seeing very clear market gaps and strategic opportunities to better find, support, and invest in entrepreneurs. I hope to work with you as we build better solutions.

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