December 5, 2019

New report "Impact InsurTech" receives industry news coverage

Village Capital and QBE partnered this week on a new report, Impact InsurTech: How InsurTech is Transforming the Insurance Industry. The report explores how technology is democratizing the insurance industry, and reducing barriers to access for historically underserved customers.

Insurance Business Magazine wrote about the report's findings:

The report pinpoints three themes in the industry: Insurance for all, society shaping insurance and micro-transformations influencing macro risks.

“Insurance has shaped patterns of economic and social growth since its inception,” said Allie Burns, CEO of Village Capital. “Insurance technologies are fueling the emergence of affordable, accessible and customizable solutions and enabling consumers, companies and communities to create a more resilient future.”

Meanwhile, Crowdfunder Insider wrote about QBE's commitment to innovative and inclusive insurance products: 

Ted Stuckey, managing director at QBE Ventures, the VC division of QBE Insurance Group, which makes strategic investments in initiatives that give QBE access to innovative technologies, said: “These findings … demonstrate why we need to remain resolute in our devotion to advanced innovation, and QBE was pleased to sponsor this important research.... Delving deeply into the state of the InsurTech space is critical to building a more customer-focused, sustainable industry—which is good for all of us.”