December 16, 2019

"Catalyzing Civic Tech in India" Report Receives News Coverage

Village Capital and CIIE.CO, with support from Omidyar Network India, co-authored a report, Catalyzing Civic Tech In India. The report aims to help catalyze the civic tech sector in India by defining civic tech, identifying emerging subsectors, and sharing promising revenue models.

Business World wrote about the report's findings:

"The report highlights the  $100+ million investment into Civic Tech in India by organizations aimed to improve the delivery of services to citizens and refine the Indian government’s responsiveness to important civic issues. The report further analyses emerging subsectors, promising revenue models and actionable takeaways for the sectors’ key stakeholders - entrepreneurs, investors, government leaders, and philanthropic organizations to build out the civic tech sector."

Meanwhile, The Times of India wrote about how the civic tech space is gaining momentum in India, highlighting the report:

"The report identifies civic tech as technologies that empower citizens to engage and participate in governance and better access government services as well as those that enable governments to become more accessible, efficient, and effective in delivering services to citizens.